Owners experience

What can you expect as an owner?

At Southgate Stables we want you to feel part of this exciting journey. Every owner is treated as an individual and your experience is what really matters to us.

All owners receive email updates detailing the work their horse has done over the previous week, combined with photographs and/or video. On visiting Southgate Stables, owners can take advantage of the new owners lounge which has been created to offer refreshments and ensure owners are thoroughly looked after throughout their time there.

Regular contact with owners is something that is vital to all at Southgate Stables. A contact plan tailored to you is something we pride ourselves on, so whether you prefer a phone call, an email or an update on the various social media channels, Amy is certain to make sure you are along for the ride!

Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership is where one person owns the entire horse.  All of the decisions will be taken between yourself and Amy. The Sole Owner is exclusively responsible for all the costs of the horse’s keep.  As a Sole Owner you will need to be a registered with Weatherbys as a registered owner. If owning a racehorse is a new experience for you, we can arrange all of the Weatherbys paperwork on your behalf. As a sole owner you will have the fun of choosing the name of your horse and which colours the horse will wear.


This involves a group of anything up to 20 people owning the horse together. Only 2 of the individuals need to be registered with Weatherbys. It is a fantastic way to own horses and split the expense between friends as well as having the opportunity to meet new people.  Many lifelong friendships have been made through owning horses in Racing Partnerships. 


This is when a small group of people between 2 and 20 individuals own a horse together.  All members of the partnership are registered owners and they share the responsibility and costs. The horse can run under a partnership name or the name of a particular joint owner. 

For more information regarding horse ownership options please call Amy